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adrienn light

My spiritual journey began when I was little. I was always very sensitive physically, and I suffered from allergies, asthma, candida infections, digestion problems, and more.
In 2014, I started following a raw vegan diet, and I ate only fruit for two years. In 2016, I was called to follow the Light Process (at the time I hadn’t planned to stop eating, I just wanted to experience the process). Although it was not my foreseen objective, during the process my body transformed into a Light body. Then came the time to get to know this new body and my new life. In 2018, the pieces fell into place, and I understood why all this had happened to me. My guides invited me to give talks at conferences on the themes I’ve been channelling, and to be a Light body activation coach for others. I host a seven-day “Light Body Activation Process,” in which my mentors and I, along with other people, complete Light body activation with participants.
Aside from this service, I am a medium, an energy healer, and a bridge between the higher self and the three-dimensional world. I live with my loving husband and my precious daughter, and my family is my life.

Breatharian level:

Place of residence: Spain

Spoken languages: Spanish, English

Italian French German Spanish Russian