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After his 21 day living on light initiation on 2008, “Akahi’s develop the capacity to revolutionize the existing method of 21 day in to a new 8 day process of conscious breathing practices and make it simpler and more effective for people in everyday lives.
The Scientifically proven benefits of Akahi 8 Day Breatharian Method, accompanies hundreds of people everyday around the world safely to the Pranic Breatharian State, Documented on movies and television, His method has been adopted as a template by the new generation of breatharian teachers in Germany, Israel, USA, Holland, UK.
Akahi is the Author of the book “ Becoming Breatharian”
Featured in the movies *Living of Energy, We Are Energy* and *The Grand Self*

Breatharian level:

Place of residence: USA, California

Spoken languages: Spanish, English

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