New York

Darrell Brann

Darrell has been SunGazing for nearly 10 years. He is an accomplished musician and healer – he has many credentials in the Healing Arts as a result of studying with some of the top teachers in the world. After his first Near Death Experience, (not related to SunGazing) he began figuring out the harmonic structure of the human body – after his next 4 NDE’s – he has had 5 total – he completed the harmonic project and started the modality: “Harmonics of Healing”; after completion of the vibrational structure of the human body – Darrell went through a kundalini experience wherein chakras 1-7 descended and the upper set of chakras replaced them; following the kundalini experience, he went through what is referred to as the “Death of the Ego”. It was after this event that his body began to figure out how to totally detox and allow the body to “Jump to Prana”. Once the body totally detoxes, it will automatically make the “Leap to Prana – it is our natural state of being. He has developed numerous online courses, heavily relying on anatomy and physiology: “How the Body Lives on Prana”, “How the Body Lives on LIGHT”; “How the Body Heals With Plasma”; and others. Hear Darrell speak about making the “Jump to Prana” and “Living on LIGHT”. Darrell just emerged from 6 months living in a Unified Field Sphere in the desert, where he SunGazed from Sunrise to Sunset. He has numerous Facebook Groups: including “A Lifestyle Without Food”; “Harmonics of Healing”; “Spiritual Wanderer” and others.

Breatharian level:

Place of residence: USA

Spoken languages: English