Czech Republic

Monika Kunovska

Monika was born in 1965 in the Czech Republic and currently lives in Prague. Prana came to her life in 2011 when she started to feel energy flowing through her body. Since that time her life gradually changed. At the beginning of 2015 during her one-week stay in darkness, her body became lighter and due to it she can stay on prana. Also practising qigong helped her to keep and harmonize energy. She has been continuously developing her abilities and for last three years she has even been healing people through the practise of Chinese Image Medicine, which she has been studying in Kundawell Medical Institute in Beijing. Except that, she works with energy and teaches others how to reach their inner calmness and stay in harmony. In addition, she has repeatedly organised a three-month assisted pranic transition in the Czech Republic. As for her hobbies, she likes running, skiing, swimming and other sports, but also meditation, qigong and spending time in nature. All of it helps her to stay in present without any effort.

Breatharian level:

Place of residence: Czech Republic

Spoken languages: Czech, English, Russian