Martin Bruncko

Martin Bruncko is 34- year-old Slovak, successful entrepreneur from Banská Bystrica, Slovakia, powerful athlete, inspiring personality, a man with a steel will, unflinching fortitude and author of debut book “Life without food” with the subtitle “Whatever man believes in”. Martin meets his readers and fans personally at workshops, lecturers, reading sessions or informal coffee times. What is so outstanding about motivating and inspiring personality of Martin is that all goals, achievements and challenges (personal, social, business, and sportive) are handled with charm, ease, and smile and almost without food intake. Martin drinks pure water, coffee and twice a week he eats something small and meatless. He breaks myths about the duty to eat nutritionally and he is a living proof that if you listen to your body, you don ́t have to do many things in your life in order to be successful, healthy and happy.

Breatharian level:

Place of residence: Slovakia

Spoken languages: Slovak