Mirit has permanently lived on cosmic food since August 2000 (she only drinks water, and spends some periods without even that). This possibility first happened to her (spontaneously!) in 1994. She became a medium, cosmic telepath (channelling cosmic and galactic initiations for people) and a healer: a cosmic sound-energy surgeon. She channels meditative, harmonising and healing sounds. Mirit developed a spiritual technique for the development of consciousness and (self-)healing – Veduna cosmic resonance. She channels books on the wisdom of the world’s cultures (series of books titled ‘Cosmic Telepathy’). Her son Tine and other musician-therapists of her school and of the Vedun Ensemble perform music and healing sounds in a semi-trance. For many years, Mirit has led people through Veduna dry fasts (processes without food and liquid).

Breatharian level:

Place of residence: Slovenia

Spoken languages: Slovenian, Croatian, English, Language of stars