Known as the grandmother of western Breatharianism, Jasmuheen has been nourished by prana – what she calls Cosmic Micro Fuel – for the past 24 years after her physical system was converted to Pranic Nourishment in 1993 via the powerful 21 day Process. Jasmuheen is the author of 38 books that are published in 18 languages, of which seven of these are dedicated to this topic of alternate nutrition.
“Pranic living is much more than a way to be at greater choice regarding how we can nourish our physical bodies, for it allows us to free ourselves from all human hungers including emotional and mental hungers as well.There is a science to this and there is also a simple yet powerful way to anchor ourselves deeper into the infinite ocean of the purest nourishment that a human system can know while still maintaining physical existence! A world without hungry people means a world that exists in peace!”
The founder of the Embassy of Peace, in 2008 Jasmuheen was appointed lifetime President of the Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists in Bangalore India. She has also liaised with various levels of government and presented her work to the UN in both Vienna and New York. In 2015, Jasmuheen was also honored with a special Diploma for her dedicated global peace work by Spiri Haret University in Romania.

Breatharian level:

Place of residence: Australia

Spoken languages: English