prana world festival

This year due to COVID-19 we decided to have the fifth Edition of Pranic World Festival online.
More than 40 conferences translated in 5 languages complitely for free for you, but not for us…
That’s why we need your help in order to cover this event costs, related to translations, sound and video editing.
Our Association is called Coccore, it’s non profit and promotes people social improvement and human advancement for a sustainable lifestyle on Earth.
Thanks to your donations we are succeeding in maintaining active this reality, that is existing since 2012.
Our main activities are the Pranic World Festival, an event which promotes Pranic Nourishment,  the Breatharian pranic Processes accessible to many people in Eden Pranic Center, with its 30 acres of pure Nature.

We are in service of the Supreme Consciousness, you are us and we are you, we are One.

Thank you


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COCCORE: Associazione di Promozione Sociale
IBAN: IT61J0760102600001030761173
BIC: bppiitrrxxx
CC: 1030761173 (Italy only)
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