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Ivan Orlic

Ivan is born in Croatia. He studied Physics and Astronomy. As a young and ambitious scientist, he soon left his home country together with his family and worked at universities and institutes around the world. As a university professor he taught nuclear and quantum Physics for many years and served as a UN consultant for accelerator physics to developing countries.

Some ten years ago, he realised that there are simply too many questions that conventional science could not answer. He decided to make a sharp turn in his successful scientific career, bought a yacht and for nearly three years sailed around the world with his family and friends.
During that voyage he got reconnected with the higher Consciousness. He started to practice various modalities of energy healing, meditation and past life regression therapy.

These new experiences broaden his horizons beyond the conventional 3-D thinking and gave him a drive to study in depth all the cutting edge scientific theories like newly emerged Quantum Biology, various aspects of unification theories, concepts of holographic universe. His intention is to bridge Science and Spirituality and to understand phenomena such as telepathy, remote viewing, breatharianism.

He practice fasting and went through the 11-day process with Victor Truviano and the 21-day processes with Nicolas Pilartz.
He had performed a number of experiments and measurements with breatharians.

Breatharian level:

Place of residence: Rijeka Croatia
Spoken languages: Croatian, English