Live translation by smartphone and tablet

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prana world festival

Live translation of conferences will be available during the festival according to the volunteers availability who will offer themselves as non-professional translators. Therefore it will be possible to listen to them into French/Italian/English as main languages and into German/Russian/Spanish as secondary ones.

Requirements to access to the translation service:

Smartphone or tablet, compatible headphones, installation of VLC player for Android or iOS devices.

How to get connected to the live translations:

– Download VLC App for Android devices (use App Store for iOS ones)
– Once the App has been opened click on the first icon above on the left.
– Click on “stream” for Android devices, or click on “Network Stream” concerning iOS devices.
– Insert web address which will be given to you by PWF staff.
– Click on the the little orange triangle for Android devices, or click on “Open Network Stream” for iOS devices.

We remind you that for any problems you may have related to configuration or installation, our Technical Staff is at your complete disposal.

it fr de es ru