Scientific Pranic Nourishment Survey

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prana world festival

According to contemporary science, living on Prana or Breatharianism is simply not possible, because it’s in contradiction with the two fundamental laws of physics:

  1. The Law of Conservation of Mass
  2. The Law of Conservation of Energy

These two laws are the basic pillars of modern science and they are simply stating the following : “Neither mass nor energy can be created (or disappear) within the closed system.” Like all other laws of physics, these two laws, have never been officially proven wrong .. until now! On the other hand, as we all know, living on Prana is a proven fact! There are so many breatherians today. Their weight is stable and can even increase in spite of the fact that they do not consume any physical food for many years. At the same time, their energy level is typically very high, so they are obviously tapping on some mysterious, unlimited and so far, unknown source of mass and energy, the source that has been known for thousand of years as Prana, Qi, Mana, consciousnes, light. This is the reason we embarked enthusiastically on scientific study of Breatharianism with the intention to jointly build a bridge between Science and Spirituality. By doing initial and relatively basic measurements and experiments with Breatharians our mission is to gather scientific evidence that Bratherians are “real” and that their “source of energy and mass” is most likely, beyond the known 3-D limits of the contemporary science. Results of these measurements will be publish in the respectable scientific journals and medias. This will draw attention of a wider scientific community so that more scientists get involved in study of this phenomena. For this reason, during PWF2018, we are going to perform experiments with the Breatharians level 3 and 4 (and perhaps level 2). The experiments will comprise relatively short measurements of some of the vital data like e.g.

  1. Very precise measurement of changes in the breatharians weight during the meditation. For this purpose very sensitive scale is developed which can register minute changes of the weight of the meditator.
  2. Blood levels of sugar, concentration of keton bodies and some hormones.
  3. Blood pressure and the pulse rate.
  4. Frequency and volume of breathing as well as the concentration of carbon dioxide in the exhaled air (CO2), etc.
  5. And few more sophisticated experiments, which are still under construction.

All are invited to take part in these experiments. Please check the Festival map for details and location and feel free to enter the Scientific “Wigwam” and ask for more details.

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