September 1st 2017 – Newsletter

September 1st 2017 – Newsletter

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Pranic World Festival 2018

Breatharian World & Pranic World Festival

Dear Friends,

The 2017 edition of our PWF was a wonderful event, a concentration of light, with almost 400 people coming, and we foresee for the future a more brilliant festival in 2018!!
After a survey we decided to extend the festival to 10 days, so the next PWF will be from the 1st to the 10th of June 2018.

In the next edition we will have many new things to make everything easier, like for example a Baby Park, a 5 stars camping, many music concerts, a “Science Point” to collect opinions and data, and the use of a new technology for the translations, accessible to everyone through your phone + headphones + an App to download; we foresee more streaming and many other surprises.
The website Breatharian World is taking its true meaning, a point of light which allows everyone to take information! A worldwide calendar, a database for Breatharians, a map about events and Breatharians in the world.

We would like to have your feedbacks on all these new possibilities and operations, and also about ideas that you want to share, so that our future could be lighter than everything.
Write us at:

We thank you to give your contribution to make your world better through the breatharian sustainability.



Here, you can find the description of the most famous Breatharians in the world; for the moment, most of them were in the PWF, but in future, there will be more people (maybe you also…) If you want to be included in the list, write us to:
putting in the object “Breatharian list”

link for the breatharian list:


Here you can do a research by issues about processes, events, lectures, festivals, organized month by month. You can follow the colors according to the type of research (on the right)
If you have events to share write us on:
putting on the object “Calendar events”

calendars of events link :
map of events link :


To facilitate the contact between Breatharian people of every level (remembering that we all are breatharians and that we manifest that in a different and unique way: the 4 levels allow to everyone to find her/his position) and if you want that your position would be added on the map, please write to:
adding the following informations:
-Name and Surname

link of the map:


Here is the first lecture, Oberom, PWF 2017:

Link of the playlist PWF 2016 :

We kindly invite you to register yourself on the youtube channel “BreatharianWorld”
you will be notified when new videos are available.



Page of the Festival:



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