Tim Rustow
Tim Rustow
shana dean
Shana Dean

Sofia Waapiti Ra

She has been in service for over 20 earth years. she has spent much time in the himalayas, practicing qigong & other sacred arts, whilst remaining in silence for long periods. here she met a collective of celestial beings who invited her to join a mystery school in order to raise her frequency, so she could be of service to all who wish to enter their light bodies. she travels to sacred sites throughout the world working with different groups of off planet beings. through her own expansion of consciousness she holds the vibrational frequencies necessary for new earth humans to expand into their lightness of being. she was informed in 2015 by her celestial team, that her light quotient was such, that she no longer needed to partake of foods & waters. she agreed to this expression of living and began a lifestyle without these substances. she offers private sessions, group work & seminars in expansion of consciousness.
expresses as a collective; i we are caretakers of human consciousness. i we come to share new possibilities & weave them into your tapestry of lights. We are hybrid star seeds who come from the milky way, forever in service to you & the grand design.

Breatharian level:  

Place of residence: Ireland
Spoken languages: English