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1 day = 25 euros
2 days = 45 euros
3 days = 65 euros
4 days = 85 euros
5 days = 105 euros
6 days = 125 euros
7 days = 145 euros
8 days = 165 euros
9 days = 185 euros
10 days = 200 euros

Accomodation type (daily fee)

In your own tent = Free
In a tent provided by us = 5 euros
in a Tipi/Yurt/Wigwam/Dormitory provided by us = 15 euros
In nice shared room = 30 euros
In Agritourism Il Gelso (located 6 km away from the site of the Festival) = around 35 euros

Car parking

5 euros a day



* obbligatorio / * required / * requis / * necesario / * обязательно

Notice: Children between 9 and 12 years old are entitled to a 50% reduction on the entry ticket. The registration done by one parent/tutor using THIS FORM is required to allow the preparation of their badge. Children up to 8 years old have free entry.

On which days do you wish to participate at the festival? (Please specify to help us prepare the badges.)


Warning: the information given will be used for organizing your stay. We will contact you in order to arrange the total amount of the lodging and registration costs.


STATES AND UNDERSIGNS (It is necessary to print and undersing the following text, that you will receive by email).

1. To be fully aware that his or her own attendance at the Festival activities is strictly voluntary, and that any action done during the same Event is strictly voluntary and facultative;
2. To take on in a personal capacity the responsibility for any consequence arising from the above mentioned actions, both civilly and penalty;
3. To have read the Event rules and to agree with the content;
4. By registration to the Event all the Terms requested by the Organization are accepted, under pain of exclusion;
5. To authorize the publication of photos or audiovisual shooting reproducing his/her own image, taken during the Festival. To allow the public or to third party diffusion with the aim to spread the Association activities, with no time or territorial limits and in any place, by any technical mean already known or to be discovered in the future, in conformity with the limits of Italian Laws. This authorization is given in full freedom and independence without any condition or reservation and totally free of charge;
6. To relieve the Association and its representatives from whatever responsibility both civil and penal, even if objective, resulting from accidents occurred or caused to him/her self or by him/her to third party, and/or indispositions which can happen during the Festival;
7. To relieve the Association from any responsibility for possible thefts and/or damages of whatever personal belongings.

The undesigned, taking note of the Legislative Decree No. 196/03 and following modifications as well of the privacy notice on the Event website, authorizes the handling of his/her personal data by the Organization. This handling will be protected by appropriate measures aimed to ensure the safety and confidential nature of the same data and it will occur only for purposes bond to the Event and expressly authorized in this Acquittance.

ATTENTION: After pressing the SUBMIT button you will be redirected to the page with the message "Thank you for signing up to the festival!".
If it does not happen, it means you have not filled all the fields, so it is necessary to check for missing data, otherwise the registration will not be forwarded.

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