Camila Castillo


As a woman and mother living for the past 8 years in the Pranic Breatharian state, Camila accompanies women in their transition to Living on Light so that families worldwide may cultivate self-empowerment and consciousness in the present and next generations of our humanity. She is the creator of the 4 Day Pranic Woman Program, which through the Prana, purifies and illuminates the feminine energy field and reprograms the information of the Reproductive System, that holds the memories of our human family lineage, and the key to unleashing the Divine and Beautiful wisdom within each Woman and Being. Her work has been received by women and girls of all ages and in all stages of life and is integrated with ease, precision, and joy. She is a lover of her family, nature and life, breastfeeder, homeschooler, dancer, and joyful being!

Breatharian level:

Place of residence: USA, California

Spoken languages: Spanish, English