Breatharian World Festival encourages you to always stay aware of what is best for you and make responsible choices about your health and life in general. The information provided here is presented as a resource only, and is not to be used or relied on as a substitute for any medical, diagnostic or treatment purposes.

The Pranic World Festival is an informational event in which breatharians from all over the world gather to share valuable experience and knowledge.

This is a wonderful opportunity to get in contact with a new world, a new state of being, a new dimension, and a new paradigm.

We intend for the PWF to serve as an occasion to meet people who share ideas and experiences on pranic nourishment, so we ask to everyone to live in a responsible way during the time of the festival without attempting self-made processes, fasts or transitions of any kind. Trusting your own common sense, and to avoid malaises or situations which could influence the good progress of the festival, we kindly ask you to continue to eat in accordance with your habits and your breatharian level. On site, there will be vegetarian, vegan, raw, and liquidarian food to meet everyone’s needs. We don’t want to be obliged to call the ambulance! Or to be obliged to interrupt the festival!

Anyone who does not abide by these fundamental rules will be asked to leave the festival.

Remember that in order to experiment with a process or a transition, it is necessary to do so in appropriate places with qualified trainers.

On that note, we do encourage you to participate actively in these special days, absorbed in a strong energetic atmosphere, and to get a taste of the lifestyle without food.