Performers 2020

Fabrice De Graef

Fabrice De Graef Fabrice is a Level 2 breatharian and an artist from Lille in France. He speaks English and Spanish. Fabrice plays Bansuri, a bamboo flute that produces a unique profound sound. It is also the famous cosmic symbol of union and love between Krishna and Radha. Fabrice calls his musical quest a “Pranic Dance”, from the Sanskrit word Prana meaning the magic breath that flows into the Bansuri to animate it on a cosmic level.
He learnt how to play this sensitive instrument from the two musician families he lived with for 8 years in India, as part of an Indian government scholarship. While being a raw foodist for over 20 years, Fabrice once struggled to find good quality raw foods so he decided to fast. He noticed that the vibrance of the Indian atmosphere fed him and he did not feel hungry, which made him continue living off prana and small amounts of water for two weeks. He also had no sleep and kept a balanced weight. That experience convinced him that something unusual was happening and he decided to research it further which led him to meeting Henri Monfort. Fabrice is now travelling a lot sharing his music talent for concerts.

Breatharian level:

Place of residence: Saultain, France

Spoken languages: French, English, Spanish