Gaston Bacchiani

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Gastón was born in Argentina in 1971, he has been living in Berlin, since 15 years.
In 2013 his body was upgraded to a more subtle nourishment system (Prana) and he now only drinks liquids. This new subtle nourishment system generated physical changes that enabled him to obtain a German sports golden medal the years 2014, 2015 and 2016. Moreover, his liquidarian life also enables him to run half marathons and practice acrobatics.
Today, Gastón proposes a new paradigm for the expansion of consciousness: “Sharing Clarity”, through the process of observing one’s own emotions in a conscious manner, so that they can be integrated with awareness and our inner space increased.
He shares his personal experience in several countries in Spanish, German and English  languages.
He offers lectures, individual sessions, face to face and online workshops using his method “DETOX3: Physical-Mental-Emotional”.
Gaston is also father, he has a 11 years old daughter and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and specializes in International Finance.

Breatharian level:

Place of residence: Germany

Spoken languages: Spanish, German, English

Italian French German Spanish Russian