Alekseev Egor

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Alekseev Egor is born in Russia, he finished education in Germany with Master of Fine Arts. Since 2007 thoughts about Food, Sleep, Breath and Sex started to show an alternative big picture of existence. Soon this bigger picture was set in motion, not changing anymore, but growing
endless, in the middle of this adventure called live. He started then to travel in order to realize himself and soon his vision got confirmed, making his first experience with Breatharianism in march 2016, after attending the Webinar on Breatharianism by Olga Podorovskaya, he transited spontaneously to the pranic state.
Further collaboration with her showed him that his system had much to do with the realization of Immortality, the Body of Light. Egor uses methods of Art in order to show the universal Language, that is the foundation of all experiences.

Breatharian level:

Place of residence: Russia

Spoken languages: Russian, German, English

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