Level 1

Jacob Augenstein

Jacob is a multiinstrumentalist, playing his music for more than 15 years. Inspired by several musicians and his travels around the world, he started to craft his own flutes, and devoted his playing more to the spiritual music of the moment. He invites the people to meet at the present moment, and to go together through a deep sound journey.

Breatharian level:

Place of residence: Germany

Spoken languages: German, English, Nepali

Jacopo Angelini

Jacopo Angelini, WWF Italy delegate for the region Marche, has been studying our environment for several years in various respects. By his study and the knowledge passed down by our ancestors he highlighted the wealth, the biodiversity, the uniqueness and the spirituality of our earth. In complete unity with the animal realm he took in, in his Heart, how the Golden Eagle and the Wolf get in relationship and how they dance, in symbiosis, with our mountains. So he understands the importance to respect their habitat, which is essential for the ecological role in the ecosystems and which doesn’t deny the link to the subtle worlds.

Breatharian level:

Place of residence: Italy

Spoken languages: Italian, English

Marc & Maia

As Experimenter just after his birth and even later on, Marc is explaining and showing us that we are not just the physical body but multidimensional eternal beings, and that we are absolutely not alone living in the Universe and even on the Planet Earth. Maia is a volunteer of the sense which was gifted to her by Dolores Cannon. She is attending the Searchers proposing them new approaches. Both the two of them don’t have nor false beliefs about them, neither beings who were entrusted with a whichever Mission. They are just basing their knowledge on repeated and concrete experiments with the aim of being enriched with your own experiences. The Sharing and the Exchanging within the pleasure of the Co-Evolution.

Breatharian level:

Place of residence: France

Spoken languages: French, Italian, English


The Ogam music group started in 1988 in the italian region Marche. Its team is formed by Maurizio Serafini – air instruments (celtic bagpipes, metal flutes, flutes for children, chinese clarinets, didjeridoo), Luciano Monceri – water instruments (celtic harp,electric and acoustic guitars, Morin khoor), Angelo Casagrande – fire and earth instruments (violoncello, darabouka).
A borderless music transmitting the peaceful coexistence of the new interracial society and belt to the human need of nomadism and voyage, with the meaning of migration and knowledge. The Ogam have realized two records : LI MA TO (1993) and The Realm of the Sibyl (IL REGNO DELLA SIBILLA (2001).
They have taken part to several national and worldwide compilations.
Today the live concerts of the band are enriched by the percussionist Francesco Savoretti’s precious sound.

Breatharian level:

Place of residence: Italy

Spoken languages: Italian