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The Ogam music group started in 1988 in the italian region Marche. Its team is formed by Maurizio Serafini – air instruments (celtic bagpipes, metal flutes, flutes for children, chinese clarinets, didjeridoo), Luciano Monceri – water instruments (celtic harp,electric and acoustic guitars, Morin khoor), Angelo Casagrande – fire and earth instruments (violoncello, darabouka).
A borderless music transmitting the peaceful coexistence of the new interracial society and belt to the human need of nomadism and voyage, with the meaning of migration and knowledge. The Ogam have realized two records : LI MA TO (1993) and The Realm of the Sibyl (IL REGNO DELLA SIBILLA (2001).
They have taken part to several national and worldwide compilations.
Today the live concerts of the band are enriched by the percussionist Francesco Savoretti’s precious sound.

Breatharian level:

Place of residence: Italy

Spoken languages: Italian

Italian French German Spanish Russian