Kay Hougaard

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Kay was born in 1960, and he has been a CEO for more than 30 years. Currently, he works as a healer, martial arts trainer, coach and CEO of the treatment center, Lotus Health Care, in Denmark. His journey for Living on Light (Universal Energy) started spontaneously on December 2012. After this, he had a period of not eating and drinking at all. He has since developed a special activation and initiation, that only he can do, to enable other people to live on Energy. His method activates a center in the brain that enables people to live on Energy.

Kay’s method is for everybody. It gives the freedom to choose whether people wants to eat or not, and what they want to eat. The activation and initiation works, no matter what people do or how well-balanced they are. They can also eat unhealthy foods, like sugar or chips and drink alcohol if they want to. There are no rules or restrictions.

Kay himself still eats because food is enjoyable. On a daily basis, he has lowered his food-intake with 90 % compared to before 2012. He has periods where he doesn’t eat or drink anything, and he still works for many hours every day, both mentally in his clinic and physically by building things. In the periods without eating or drinking, he sleeps 5 hours a week in total.

Kay’s method is based on human evolution, so in the year 2042 the center in the brain will activate automatically because it is part of our evolution to be able to live without food. The initiation, however, will not come automatically, only the activation of the center in the brain.



Breatharian level:

Place of residence: Denmark

Spoken languages: Danish, English

Italian French German Spanish Russian