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Mary Mombrun

As a sufferer of several food allergies, my diet inevitably became more and more restricted over the years, until I eventually adopted a raw food diet. In 2015, I felt a strong calling to undergo a pranic process, following which I stopped eating entirely for two years. During this period, I experienced a broadening of my consciousness and a profound change in my life. I understood then that what really nourishes me is the freedom to celebrate every moment life has to offer, and thus the freedom to choose whether to eat or not eat. I have since gone back to eating some foods, (predominantly fruit), but I regularly go long periods without eating any solid food at all (often several days and sometimes whole months). Nomad free-lifer, Self coach, medium, artist, writer, speaker…, I love sharing what my experience has taught me, that is to say that our bodies, and indeed our entire Selves, are sustained first and foremost by Love.

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Place of residence: France

Spoken languages: English, French

Italian French German Spanish Russian