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Mel Loverth

Mel Loverh was born in Greece & lived during the last years mainly in Thailand, Australia, Panama, Costa Rica & Brazil. He came across the 21-day breatharian process in 1996 in Australia. He turned liquidarian for the next 3 years while switching between breatharian & liquidarian states.
He is the founder of Health Oasis Resort pioneering detox fasting programs since 1997.
He has been practicing various healing modalities, experimenting relentlessly with diet regimes, liquid diets, structured water, dry fasting, oxygen & ozone therapies, meditation traditions , silence, dancing, long celibacy, sacred plants, sensory isolation, far infrared..
His key areas of interest & experimentation are:
– The transmutation of pranic photonic energy into sustainable cellular hydrogen ATP, through breatharianism, oxygen & cellular heat
– The nourishment of children’s spiritual pranic energy carried along through their early childhood before their gravitational mass (weight) overrides their pranic light vibration. He believes that their existence vibrationally sustains the entire human pranic field.

Breatharian level:

Place of residence: Thailand

Spoken languages: Greek, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Thai

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