Shana Dean

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shana dean

Born in San Francisco, Shana grew up around an ashram, learning meditation at the age of seven. She has been a weight loss and nutritional coach since 1996, a raw food chef since 2004 and a spiritual mentor and Reiki Master Teacher since 2009. Shana began consciously striving towards breatharianism by shifting to a high fruit low fat diet in conjunction with periodic cleanses, fasting and meditation. Her daily Reiki practice is the foundation of her pranic nourishment. While intuitively channeling Reiki through her energy-system for others, she is able to increase the cosmic energy in her own body to live more and more on light. Shana now needs very little food and is able to sustain a high level of energy and bliss. In per private practice, Shana offers distant Reiki therapy, certified Reiki classes and pranic coaching. With Elitom El-amin, she is a co-host for the Youtube channel, Prana Talk TV and co-leads Breatharian Retreats worldwide.

Breatharian level:

Place of residence: USA, California

Spoken languages: English

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