The Festival

prana world festival

What’s the “Pranic World festival”?

This Festival is the most famous breatharians’s meeting from all over the world. They will share their lifestyle through conferences and workshops for 8 days.
This lifestyle in his higher manifestation and thanks to the pranic nourishment ( Qi, Energy): living on light, allows to live in perfect health and perfect harmony without assuming the most common aliments, solids or liquids, from the mouth.

How does this new nourishment works?

In his natural state each cell of our body takes everything it needs from the vital force (prana, Qi, energy) to be in perfect health and perfect harmony. This vital force is within us and all around us.

Who the Breatharians are?

By convention we call breatharians those who recognise the importance of this feeding energy and feed themselves consciously. But first of all a breatharian is somebody who has freed himself from belief systems and habits, he becomes a free being.

What does Breatharian level means?

To have a better comprehension from a mental and rational point of view of the pranic nourishment’s different kind of manifestation, you can evaluate here your own level:
Level – I’m not aware of Pranic Nourishment
Level – I’m aware of Pranic Nourishment
Level – I started to experienced the path of Pranic Nourishment (trough a process or naturally)
Level – I manifest the Pranic state and only occasionally consumes solid or liquid foods (state is stable since at least 4 month)
Level – I manifest the Pranic state and no longer consumes solid or liquid foods (state is stable since at least 4 month)

Where is it going to take place?

The location is in nature, in Italy in the province called “Marche”, close to the city of Fabriano in a small village called Coccore. A magic place, where Prana flows since ever, always in harmony, with guardians who take care that everything happens for the best. HOW TO REACH THE FESTIVAL

Should I prepare myself?

You are already prepared since the foundations of time, open to all possibilities!
come and let go your believes and your certainties, make space in your heart to receive the good news that bring a real opportunity to cure violence, illness, ageing and death.

What will happen during the festival?

Breatharians from all over the world will come to speak and share their reality and experience with talks and daily workshops. Teachers of energetic disciplines, like Yoga, Gi-gong and others will give course and practice every day. Healers and holistic operators will be present to share their capacity to bring health and harmony to all. Special surprise events, like night walks, shamanic ceremonies and new world parties, etc…

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