At the festival info-point you can buy the tickets which can be used at the restaurant area according to your requirements.

At the refreshment point you can find: raw food and light vegan cuisine, fruits and vegetables, snacks and a certain variety of buffet dishes for breakfast; lunch and dinner to be served at an agreed time, in order to allow the normal festival on-going. According to what you like best, a main course in three different sizes will be available: small, medium, large that you can compose at your choice, according to the day-by-day preparations you will find at the buffet. You’ll maybe find on some days, some extra main courses. Every dish which will be exposed in the buffet will show the ingredients at the serving moment.


The recepies will change day by day, and a vast dishes choice will be available in order to allow you to compose your own Main Course according to your requirements .

Raw vegetable cream soup
Miso soup (three kinds) : Ortolana, with spices, wild
Sprouted cereal with RAW seasoning
Cereals with sauces,corn and cereals creams
Mixed vegetables Salads and seasonings with little mixed salads, with sprouts, with fermented vegetables, RAW kimchi
Cruditées with RAW dried fruits cream
Leafy vegetables stuffed Wrap
“Cheese Flavoured” Mini Timbales with fresh seeds acoompanied by RAW vegetables
Legumes Salads with flavours
Crepes, legumes’ burgers, and falafel
RAW vegetables sushi
Spaghetti of courgettes with pesto, with RAW tomato
Gourmet vegetables of the season
Vegetables mini cake


Fruits, and whole vegetable, dried vegetables and fruits Chips, RAW Crackers, RAW Cookies


RAW vegetables or fruits of the season Extracts and Smoothies
RAW kombucha, kefir (flavoured or simple probiotic refreshments)
Vegetable refreshments of seeds


Fruit cups with RAW creams
RAW Fruits Smoothies and mousses
RAW Dates/Raisin Sweet Bites
Veg and gluten free Puddings
RAW chocolate cakes with fruits
RAW fruits-based and veg drinks-based mixed-flavoured Ice-creams and Parfaits


Flowers and Herbs Brews and Infusions, Miso Soup, cereals Coffee, Teas
Rice/Soya/Oat/Almonds Drinks,
Cereals flakes Mix
Dried Fruits and seeds Mix
RAW Whole Vegetable Cup
RAW Whole Fruits Cup
RAW pies-shaped fresh Cream and Hard veg-cheeses
Veg yogurt
Mixed flavoured Granolas of seeds and cereals
Sesame and Sunflower seeds Tajines

As participants to the Festival, which are interested in energetic nourishment subjects, you are kindly invited to give us your active contribution with advices and suggestions about your own habits, in order to allow us to integrate them with our proposals and allowing us to widen them, and to help us to improve the
PWF Pranic Refreshment Point service:


The PWF Refreshment Point benefits from a team of cooks and holistic researchers.
All united to propose biological raw food dishes and vegan light gluten free cooking ones, especially created and suitable for the Pranic festival, who wish to supply food aimed to gradually train people to the energetical pranic style through transition diets such as gluten free vegan, raw, fructarianism, from based on creams diets to the ones just based on liquids.
We will use local grown vegetables according to the season, wild herbs, probiotic and fermented food and drinks, seeds and cereals.

Gilbert Casaburi Italian-french macrobiotic imprinted vegchef. During the years, advisor and collaborator on oncological therapeutical through nourishment subjects, in a medical institutional field. He has taken care of starting-up and running of bio natural food restaurants in Italy and in Tunisia. He has specific experiences in monk-phytoalimurgia from an informative divulging point of view, through show cooking and holds workshops about restaurant management themes. He is strongly motivated and interested in the Subtles Energies, in the Nature and the vast humanity, he keeps alive a huge amount of contacts and relationship in the holistic field. Contact:

Nerijus Mazuolis. I have always been interested in a lifestyle in harmony with Nature, I moved in Italy and learned about Mediterranean Cooking secrets that has become my profession for 6 years. I got in touch to the Pranic paradigm through my personal researching path, cooperating since the First Edition of the Pranic World Festival that occurred, in Coccore, in 2016. Since then I have been personally creating vegan raw food recepies, that I will be happy to share and introduce to you at the PWF Refreshment Point of this year. Contact:

Vincenzo Canoro Free researcher in the natural nourishing field, vegan since 2008, raw food oriented since 2012, holds theoretical-practic workshops and courses, conferences and meetings on vegan ethic, vegan-raw food cooking nourishing themes. He focused his studies on vibration of the food, that is to say which effects the electromagnetical field of the food has on health. Contact. Contact:
FB: AlimentazioneVibrazionale