Performers 2019

Fabrice De Graef

Fabrice De Graef Fabrice is a Level 2 breatharian and an artist from Lille in France. He speaks English and Spanish. Fabrice plays Bansuri, a bamboo flute that produces a unique profound sound. It is also the famous cosmic symbol of union and love between Krishna and Radha. Fabrice calls his musical quest a “Pranic Dance”, from the Sanskrit word Prana meaning the magic breath that flows into the Bansuri to animate it on a cosmic level.
He learnt how to play this sensitive instrument from the two musician families he lived with for 8 years in India, as part of an Indian government scholarship. While being a raw foodist for over 20 years, Fabrice once struggled to find good quality raw foods so he decided to fast. He noticed that the vibrance of the Indian atmosphere fed him and he did not feel hungry, which made him continue living off prana and small amounts of water for two weeks. He also had no sleep and kept a balanced weight. That experience convinced him that something unusual was happening and he decided to research it further which led him to meeting Henri Monfort. Fabrice is now travelling a lot sharing his music talent for concerts.

Breatharian level:

Place of residence: Saultain, France

Spoken languages: French, English, Spanish

jericho rose

Pablo Johann came in contact with Pranic living through Omsa, and through reading Jasmuheen´s book “Living on Light”.
This deeply impacted his spiritual journey and musical expression.
“First force of all creation, to you I bow”.
Sometimes holistic teacher, always student. Together with his partner Sabine Johanna they are expressing transcendental experiences through music.
They are students of the native traditions of this earth, with Mayan Elders and diferent traditions
from the Taínos, to Shamans from the Amazon under the guidance of Maestro Manuel Rufino.

Breatharian level:

Place of residence: Austria

Spoken languages: German, English, Spanish

Jūratė Gliaudelytė

Nature has been my greatest Inspiration Guide since I was a little girl. It’s with this special Connection that I am creating music using various Healing Sounds, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Gongs. Later I found out, as well, that Nature powerful Healing Energy is given us through Crystals Light too. Now I arrange private healing sessions, hold meditation ones and Gong Bath, using The Power of Nature Sounds and Light of Crystals that naturally flow through myself.

Breatharian level:

Place of residence: Lithuania

Spoken languages: Lituan, English, Spanish

Mary Mombrun

As a sufferer of several food allergies, my diet inevitably became more and more restricted over the years, until I eventually adopted a raw food diet. In 2015, I felt a strong calling to undergo a pranic process, following which I stopped eating entirely for two years. During this period, I experienced a broadening of my consciousness and a profound change in my life. I understood then that what really nourishes me is the freedom to celebrate every moment life has to offer, and thus the freedom to choose whether to eat or not eat. I have since gone back to eating some foods, (predominantly fruit), but I regularly go long periods without eating any solid food at all (often several days and sometimes whole months). Nomad free-lifer, Self coach, medium, artist, writer, speaker…, I love sharing what my experience has taught me, that is to say that our bodies, and indeed our entire Selves, are sustained first and foremost by Love.

Breatharian level:

Place of residence: France

Spoken languages: English, French


The Ogam music group started in 1988 in the italian region Marche. Its team is formed by Maurizio Serafini – air instruments (celtic bagpipes, metal flutes, flutes for children, chinese clarinets, didjeridoo), Luciano Monceri – water instruments (celtic harp,electric and acoustic guitars, Morin khoor), Angelo Casagrande – fire and earth instruments (violoncello, darabouka).
A borderless music transmitting the peaceful coexistence of the new interracial society and belt to the human need of nomadism and voyage, with the meaning of migration and knowledge. The Ogam have realized two records : LI MA TO (1993) and The Realm of the Sibyl (IL REGNO DELLA SIBILLA (2001).
They have taken part to several national and worldwide compilations.
Today the live concerts of the band are enriched by the percussionist Francesco Savoretti’s precious sound.

Breatharian level:

Place of residence: Italy

Spoken languages: Italian


Poggy’s voice is like a raw element calling you back to the wild. Singer songwriter and musician Poggy grew up in a family of 6 on the Kent coastal town Kent. Uk. Poggy’s debut album mixes elements of jazz, world and folk to create a kaleidoscopic journey through song. ‘Woman’ is the title of her debut album, which features 11 songs which tell of family bonds, interconnectedness and freedom. This is vibrant, fresh and contemporary music.

Breatharian level:

Place of residence: England

Spoken languages: English

Yubiry Martin

After meeting Jasmuheen 15 years ago, I opened to a new way of approaching life starting from a completely new dimension, although the essential in me was always, is and will be the same. I went through different Pranic Processes towards discovering the light of my being. It was the 21 days-Process the deepest and most transformative experience of all… And I remain open for endless transformation. I create opportunities for you to discover your light. Following the intuitive heart where the how and the starting intention becomes essential and even more important than the “what we do or not do”… This time I will be with you in PWF and share not so much by words but more through music in the shape of a concert to enjoy creativity and Love.

Breatharian level:

Place of residence: Spain

Spoken languages: Spanish, English