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Dear friends,

Everything is perfect, in any single instant of the here and now, the only reality, gratitude for all that is, all that will be, and all that needs to become!
Everyone brought his being to do what he could, make a list will never be enough, because we are one unique family and a unique light, everyone by being part of it has always done his best ♥︎
Just say that it was a perfect festival will never be enough, we are not here to judge but to appreciate, we are not here to do but to be, so welcome to all that is needed to mature, so we can become, to be what we deserve to be 🙂

so thanks to those present and not present ♥︎


Italy is a country of great social and spiritual opening, the main ingredients in order to share the experiences of this new paradigm.
The idea for 2017 is to do the festival in the same place, open more to people curious about it, and so to continue with the second edition in Coccore, with more days and more openness to the public
The previsions are from the 1st to the 8th of June, 2017!


To better prepare for the next edition, we need to understand how did you like it and how do you envision the evolution of the festival.We appreciate if you want to take some time to respond to this questionnaire:


Expected in August, there will be the film about the festival with all the conferences and many photos. Soon it will start a crowd founding to help supporting the expenses for the video editing. Send the material video/photos that you have to this mail:


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I wish you all the best! Next update in July 🙂

Be in the Light ♥︎