Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Thank you for signing up to Pranic World Festival 2016 news letter, to keep updated in order to share with your community and friends: WE ARE ONE FAMILY OF LOVE AND LIGHT.

This festival is made FOR YOU to express the new world arising, this is your world, this is your festival.

If you want to speak or share workshops or another suitable intention during the festival, please write to us:

We have 5 new speakers that joined the Pranic World Festival 2016 first edition, so we have now 17 “main speakers”.
But the festival is open, many others will speak and share their experience, just contact us please.

The “main” ones are : Henri Monfort, Gabriel Lesquoy, Elitom El-amin, Erika Witthuhn, Galina Al Sharas, Nicolas Pilartz, Sabine Yogacharya, Equiano, and the following ones will be by videoconference live, Dimitri Lapshinov, Victor Truviano, Jasmuheen, Oberom, Jasmin Herrera, Ray Maor, Camila, Akahi, P.A. Straubinger.

To read about main speakers:

The schedule program is still in the making. We plan to have it for you before end of March online with the date and time of Speakers and events happening.

I remind that the Festival is a private event organized by “ COCCORE” Association of Social Promotion, a no profit association created to manifest the new world and help the transition from old to new paradigm.
This is the reason we need you to complete your registration before April 30. in order to become member of this association that will give you private insurance and security and will ensure privacy and freedom of speech in peace and harmony.

We kept the cost to register as low as possible, in order to help you to invest in travel expenses to come to the Festival.
Registration costs are: 20,00 € of association fee + accommodation fees (if you choose any) to be deposited before April 30.
To register here:

You’ll receive then an email that will guide you in the paying process.

Coccore is a very small (and lovely ☺ )village, no more than 15 houses, in nature, with a very nice view on mountains, hills valley and woods in the “Marche” region of Italy. The people living in the place are open-minded and all accommodations are in the vicinity of the festival.
This event aims to live 5 days TOGETHER in harmony with nature and prana.
There will be yurts, tipis and a lot of space for tents.
Here is how to reach the festival:

Please organize your trip with your country Pranic community.
The web if full of possibilities to share cars and information on how to reach the Festival, here the Facebook page for the Pranic World Festival :

cover_FB_resWe also have the poster with our 17 speakers, and the new Facebook cover if you can help to spread and share the event ! load it up and flow with the world intentions of awakening

Some Facebook address community :
Italian speaking :
French speaking :
English speaking :
German speaking :
Greek speaking :

You can go to these pages to give some ideas or make any proposals to make the Festival creative and interactive!

If you have any specific questions, you can also contact directly our staff coordinator members for :

Italian speaking: Nikolaos Del Sole (FB): +39 3480734664 (Si prega di inviare un messaggio prima di chiamare)
French speaking: Dominique Verga (FB):
English & German: Randi Liebchen (FB):
Spanish speaking: Barbara Bruschi (FB):

This is all for now, thank you for everything ☺

Keep in the bliss and see you in the light 🙂