prana world festival

Olga Podorovskaya

Podorovskaya OlgaOlga Podorovskaya was born in Ukraine in 1970. She experienced here first spontaneous astral journey when she was 14 year old. Then she realized that a person cannot die and decided to explore the possibilities and limits of the human body. When she was 18, she purposely started the long-term fasting for the periods of 40 to 60 days long, she tested her body by cold and by long sessions without sleep, she also practiced long term stops of her breath. By the age of 19 Olga experienced the enlightenment and awareness of the nature of her true “Self”. In 2005 after the long stop in breathing her body spontaneously started to turn in the Light. The enlightenment and the transition of her body to the state of Light became the major subjects of her research. Until 2010 she led a solitary life dedicated to meditation. She was initiated in practice by the Tibetan Dzogchen Masters and the other traditional Teachers. Based on her knowledge In 2010 Olga experienced the full transition to the Breatharianism. In 2011 after reaching the Enlightenment, she developed the easy and available for people technologies of the Enlightenment and the Breatharianism transactions.

Robert Ganski

RobertRobert was born in 1978. In 2006 he felt the necessity to grow spiritually and started to search the Teachers and confederates. In 2013 he became a vegetarian and started to practice different technics of transitioning to Breatharianism. Starting from September 2015 he completely stopped to eat food. In March 2015 after the practice of stopping the breath he started the transformation of his physical body and the transition to Pranic Breath. Nowadays Robert performs the seminars about “Pranic Breath and Breatharianism.

Martin Bruncko

Martin BrunckoMartin Bruncko is 34- year-old Slovak, successful entrepreneur from Banská Bystrica, Slovakia, powerful athlete, inspiring personality, a man with a steel will, unflinching fortitude and author of debut book “Life without food” with the subtitle “Whatever man believes in”. Martin meets his readers and fans personally at workshops, lecturers, reading sessions or informal coffee times. What is so outstanding about motivating and inspiring personality of Martin is that all goals, achievements and challenges (personal, social, business, and sportive) are handled with charm, ease, and smile and almost without food intake. Martin drinks pure water, coffee and twice a week he eats something small and meatless. He breaks myths about the duty to eat nutritionally and he is a living proof that if you listen to your body, you don ́t have to do many things in your life in order to be successful, healthy and happy..

Raffaella Galoppi

Raffaella GaloppiRaffaella Galoppi was born in 1974 in Chiavari, Ligury. Since 2011, she enters directly into communication with the Universal Consciousness through unified quantum field. She starts a road to a profound inner knowledge discovering, step by step , its true essence, a process of transformation of our being. Raffaella channels the unified quantum field, the Universal Consciousness expresses through her, it helps and illuminates all those who listen her, to ensure that everything is happening and to create a unique plan based on the fundamental principle of “ I AM”. Raffaella today offers to the Supreme Consciousness service that has also driven in a run of Pranic Nourishment experimenting and alternating solid food with phases of Prana. Nowadays, she organizes group and individual channeling meetings to bring people to live the depth of being.

Dominique Verga

dominiqueDominique was born in 1966 in Belgium. From 2013 great changes take place in her life, leaving out a big health problem. She discovered raw food one evening while eating at a friend and it goes overnight to this type of diet, guided by his intuition . At the same time she starts the assiduous practice of Vipassana meditation, to find out who she really is and deconstruct the person created by educational formatting. She begins short fasts periods (between 7 and 10 days) and she will make 6 over two years. In April 2014, it is reiki that enters her life, even putting more concretely in the presence of this universal energy that sustains us all. It is in June 2015 that the universe makes her the wonderful gift of becoming pranic spontaneously , without having sought. Currently, she accompanies people on the path of spiritual awakening of consciences by Reiki, relaxation therapy, meditation and accompanying on pranic detoox. She starts giving her first lectures on Pranic Nourishment in spring 2016.

Alyna Rouelle

alynaAlyna was born in 1990, moving within an existence made of light and constant elevation of her being, she discovers the possibility of Pranic Nourishment at the dawn of his eighteen years where she spent a whole month without eating or drinking in a state of absolute total grace. Since then, her path was that of an unbounded desire to regain this state unit that now convey with great honor and great joy. She feeds on Divine Light since March 2015 and teach opportunities and benefits of this change of Being with all her love through conferences, healing and by writing a book, still in course right now. “Life is delicious and it is about knowing to taste it with all the delicacy, depth and simplicity of your Hearts. Allow yourself to accept to say Yes to Life, Yes to nutrition, healing, elevation and transcendence in Light, Consciousness, Unity. This is what fills me with divine gratitude during exchanges and meetings. Thank you. I love you.”

Randi Liebchen

randiRandi came to this planet in 1971. In the last 10 years she went through a very deep and transformational process of chronic body pain and emotional suffering. In Medicine it´s called a metabolic disorder. Coming to a point where nobody could help her anymore, having everything lost and being suicidal because of the pains, Randi decided to heal herself by expanding her consciousness and giving her live in total devotion and service for the ALL. She creates her very individual Pranic Process, that’s compatible with her special body circumstances. She´s walking a smooth path, focussed on expanding her consciousness and healing by rising the vibratory level, just letting it form in a loving trust and aware day to day decision. Along her path her perception of different frequencies and her ability to use them to create healing realities evolves. She is deeply connected with the quantum field, to the frequency of BiGu and the Qi Gong Path of the Tian Gong Institute.

Pascal Martelli

pascalPascal Martelli, born in 1981 in Switzerland has a foot in shamanism and another in science. With a PhD in neurophysics, he continues his research in altered state of consciousness (lucid dreams, trance and meditation). He is also a therapist giving healing and guidance. His goal is to create bridges between the invisible and the visible world! He received the pranic teachings from Henri Monfort, Nicolas Pilartz and Jasmuheen. “It’s through my Spiritual healing that I discovered a decreasing need of sleep and food, more generally less physical, emotional and mental hunger!”

Cristiana Eltrayan

cristianaFor many years Cristiana Eltrayan has worked with people, and trained to become a holistic therapist and life coach. After having pursued and achieved professional success in management, she has oriented herself towards the self-balancing and spiritual development field, which she has studied and practiced for years with Yoga, qi-gong and other biofield practices that are meant to make us a purer channel for The Divine. Her intention and drive is to become and stay a pure channel for Light for as long as possible in this physical body and to share this knowledge with those opened to this. The first contact with knowledge about Pranic nourishment came to her in 2010 and she has since then followed the steps for allowing her human system to shift to the Pranic Counsciousness, allowing herself to be nourished purely by Prana whenever the body requires it . She is now practicing the Soul Healing – Holistic Therapy – which deals with the balance between body – mind-soul and deprogramming and reprogramming the energy field, and shares her experiences in books, workshops, classes and conferences. She is the author of “Darkroom Retreat-A Light-Full Mystical Experience”, which describes the dawning of her pranic journey.