pranic world festival

Pranic World Festival

Dear friends,
here are the videos of the PWF 2016 available on the youtube channel:

VIDEO 2016

Interview of:
Gabriel Lesquoy :

Conference of:
Jasmuheen :
Galina El-Sharas :
Elitom El-amin :
Erika Witthuhn :
Victor Truviano :

the others interviews and conference will come up in January…


So we invite you to register on the youtube channel BreatharianWorld, and you’ll be warned when they’ll be uploaded !

Pranic World Festival 2017

from 1 – 8 of june, it will take place again in the village of Coccore, we are preparing the program with new breatharians that will come from all around the world to talk and share their experience ! it will be 8 full days of talks and workshops for everyone !
I still need to work on it, be patient…

the force is with you




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