pranic world festival

Pranic World Festival

Dear friends,
here we are, registrations for festival are open and we have a first draft of the program ! please contact us via email for any questions!



SCHEDULE (provisional)


Have confirmed their body presence : Henri Monfort, Gabriel Lesquoy, Elitom El-amin, Domenico Provenzano, Dominique Verga, Erika Wiitthuhn, Olga Podorovskaya, Raffaella Galoppi, Atlantis, Marco Giordano, Gaston Bacchiani, Jasmin Herrera, Pascal Martelli, Cristiana Eltrayan, Alekseev Egor, Galina El-Sharas, Matthieu.

Via skype have confirmed, Jasmuheen, Dima, Kirby, Ray Maor, Oberom, Sabine, Akahi, Camilla Castillo.
In maybe Victor Truviano and others…

VIDEO 2016

Here are the videos of the PWF 2016 available on the youtube channel:

Interview of:
Gabriel Lesquoy FR/IT/EN/HR :
Henri Monfort FR/IT/EN/HR :

Conference of:
Jasmuheen EN/IT :
Galina El-Sharas RUS/IT :
Elitom El-amin EN/IT :
Erika Witthuhn FR/IT :
Victor Truviano EN/IT :
Camilla Castillo EN/IT :
Cristiana Eltrayan EN/IT :
Martin Bruncko SK/EN/IT :
Oberon EN/IT :
Akahi EN/IT :
Ray Maor EN/IT :

So we invite you to register on the youtube channel BreatharianWorld and you’ll be warned when they’ll be uploaded!



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