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Newsletter | July 2022
Newsletter | August 2022

Newsletter | July 29th 2022

Eden Pranic Center
Breatharian World

Dear Breatharian Family,

The biggest breatharian event of the year is almost here and we couldn’t be more excited about it. Many pranic sisters and brothers from all around the world are coming to join this magnificent gathering, ready to spread their breatharian vibes all around them.

This is a unique opportunity to connect with experienced breatharians, with the ones who are just starting the journey as well as those who are just curious about this lifestyle.

Music, autonomy talks, dancing, meditation, healthy food, yoga, and all the healing techniques you could imagine are going to be present at the Pranic World Festival 2022.

Come and join us:

You can register now in-person or online (last minute registration at the gate also accepted*):

Program and Speakers PWF2022:

How to reach us:

Refreshment Point:

Carpooling file:


*In-person participants: Remember to bring your headphones/earphones to listen to the translation of the talks via Zoom.

With love and light,
Nicolas & Raffaella


eden pranic center


The Eden Pranic Center is honored to host the 2021 PWF. It will be an occasion for you to enjoy our 80 hectares of nature, which we inte nd to expand limitlessly… We would like to remind you that we also offer processes every month, both in presence and online. These processes serve as an activation into PranicBreatharianism, an enlightenment, an awakening to truth.
To know more about it you can email us at

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Please register yourselves on the youtube Eden Pranic Center channel so you can stay informed about new videos we publish there.


9 or 21 Day Process – from 1 to 9 or 21 July 2021 – Online

Pranic World Festival – July 10-21 2021 – Coccore – Italy

9 or 21 Day Process – from 1 to 9 or 21 August 2021 – Online