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Pranic World Festival VIDEO 2016

Dear friends,
many thanks for all the efforts you always do, to make your life a better universe!

VIDEO 2016

thanks for the support you have given for all the video material of the PWF 2016 !
we have decided to give you all the video contents on our youtube channel, for a better sharing of the Pranic Nourishment information.
Here you are the first interview:

all the others will arrive as they are one by one produced and translated with subtitles in IT/EN/FR and also all the conferences will be available when the’ll be ready.


So we invite you to register on the youtube channel BreatharianWorld, and you’ll be warned when they’ll be uploaded !

Pranic World Festival 2017

from 1 – 8 of june, it will take place again in the village of Coccore, we are preparing the program with new breatharians that will come from all around the world to talk and share their experience ! it will be 8 full days of talks and workshops for everyone !
Around christmas time we’ll have some program anticipation …

see you in the ligh




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