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Pranic World Festival VIDEO 2016

Dear Breatharians friends,
we are preparing the video of the Pranic World Festival 2016. It’s not an easy job, it takes many hours of editing and many more hours of translation in order to release it in Italian, English and French …
The video package will include:

  • a documentary made by the talented Fabio – duration 2 hours
  • 12 interviews of Breatharians Level 2 to 4 – duration 3 hours
  • 20 conferences of Breatharians level 2 to 4 – duration 18 hours

About 24 hours of material for you.Direct information from a great pranic event, an immersion in the new paradigm of this era: the Pranic Nourishment.

Here is the video of the promotional campaign : (how to select subtitles :

We need you, we need your energy, we need your financial contribution! We ask for 15 euros to have everything available for each of us’s the same price of a book, a night at the movie theater, a dinner, a car trip …

Here is the link of the Indiegogo Crowd Funding platform with the trailer: (how to select subtitles : the campaign is written in three languages,there are various options of contribution, the one that we recommend is the simplest of EUR 15 which is the third option offered in the campaign.

91 of the participants at PWF 2016 have already booked during the festival the video with option 2, therefore there are € 910 which will be added.

We thank you for everything

“The brightest light is that which is not seen with open eyes, because the essence of the heart is hidden from the view”




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