Edgardo Bonazzi
Edgardo Bonazzi

Tal Gilboa

Born in Israel at 1985, has done a 21 days pranic initiation in Brazil, at February 2011. After that he stayed on liquids for 2.5 years, and today he is free to enjoy and choose between eating, drinking, and being dry.
He studied different kinds of therapy work, and enriched himself with many workshops and seminars.

But out of all, it was the pranic journey that has changed for the best all of his life, in ways he couldn't imagine.
Today he is guiding groups of people and holding individuals sessions into this wonderful lifestyle, since the beginning of 2012, and was the personal guide of Ray Maor.

Tal has a very rich experience, and is an expert in this field.

He gives the emphasise to a comprehensive holistic experience: Preparation for the process, the initiation itself, and then the most important part: the integration of the pranic lifestyle into our day-to- day life!

Most people that are doing different pranic processes, might be feeling great immediately after. But then with the time and the challenges coming up, it's sometimes fading out of their lives...

Tal took the mission to make the difference in this most critical part, and to allow people to live this lifestyle in a sustainable, long-term, and a joyful way!


Breatharian level:

Place of residence: Israel
Languages spoken: English, Israeli