Level 4

Dominique was born in 1966 in Belgium. From 2013 great changes take place in her life, leaving out a big health problem. She discovered raw food one evening while eating at a friend and it goes overnight to this type of diet, guided by his intuition . At the same time she starts the assiduous practice of Vipassana meditation, to find out who she really is and deconstruct the person created by educational formatting. She begins short fasts periods (between 7 and 10 days) and she will make 6 over two years. In April 2014, it is reiki that enters her life, even putting more concretely in the presence of this universal energy that sustains us all. It is in June 2015 that the universe makes her the wonderful gift of becoming pranic spontaneously , without having sought. Currently, she accompanies people on the path of spiritual awakening of consciences by Reiki, relaxation therapy, meditation and accompanying on pranic detoox. She starts giving her first lectures on Pranic Nourishment in spring 2016.

Breatharian level:

Place of residence: Belgium
Spoken languages: Belgian, French, Italian, English

Elitom El-amin

Elitom El-amin, born in 1969 in USA in the city of Pittsburgh but raised in Ohio, from African American origins. He teaches living on Prana since 15 years, sharing deep knowledge and experience. Also author of the book “It’s Ok to Be Healthy”, and coming soon, “Human Photosynthesis 101”. The goal of is that all humanity gets familiarity with the knowledge, in order to live in a peaceful world of harmony.

Breatharian level:

Place of residence: Canary Islands
Spoken languages: English

Galina El Sharas

Galina El-Sharas, lives feeding on Prana since 2009. She is a healer of the New Times, a researcher, teacher of meditation, creator of more than 10 different workshops. Galina opens hearts in resonance with the vibrations of the Universe, teaches breathing Love. This creates its own perfect universe for each one of us. She conducts many seminars, webinars, retreats, and has experience of practical processes to facilitate the transition to Prana in the Center “PranaHouse” (Crimea). Her students comfortably and safely acquire the experience of Pranic Nourishment and the transition to more lighter types of food of any level.

Breatharian level:

Place of residence: Russia
Spoken languages: Russian

Henri Monfort

Born in 1953, at the end point of Brittany in France on the Pointe du Raz and it is in that magical world of wilderness with the ocean and the wind that he got contact with the forces of nature. Shaman and therapist, he lives now in Nantes where he began his Pranic Nourishment experience.
Since the 23 November 2002 he feeds now on Prana. He accompanied over a thousand people in the 21 day process he designed with only water and Prana. Henri works in the united quantum field directly in the light of the atom, in permanent contact with the intelligence of life the “Supramental” that Sri Aurobindo describes in his legacy, all this for a needed evolution of our civilization and to prepare the new paradigm rising.

Breatharian level:

Place of residence: France

Spoken languages: French

Mirit has permanently lived on cosmic food since August 2000 (she only drinks water, and spends some periods without even that). This possibility first happened to her (spontaneously!) in 1994. She became a medium, cosmic telepath (channelling cosmic and galactic initiations for people) and a healer: a cosmic sound-energy surgeon. She channels meditative, harmonising and healing sounds. Mirit developed a spiritual technique for the development of consciousness and (self-)healing – Veduna cosmic resonance. She channels books on the wisdom of the world’s cultures (series of books titled ‘Cosmic Telepathy’). Her son Tine and other musician-therapists of her school and of the Vedun Ensemble perform music and healing sounds in a semi-trance. For many years, Mirit has led people through Veduna dry fasts (processes without food and liquid).

Breatharian level:

Place of residence: Slovenia

Spoken languages: Slovenian, Croatian, English, Language of stars

Monika Kunovska

Monika was born in 1965 in the Czech Republic and currently lives in Prague. Prana came to her life in 2011 when she started to feel energy flowing through her body. Since that time her life gradually changed. At the beginning of 2015 during her one-week stay in darkness, her body became lighter and due to it she can stay on prana. Also practising qigong helped her to keep and harmonize energy. She has been continuously developing her abilities and for last three years she has even been healing people through the practise of Chinese Image Medicine, which she has been studying in Kundawell Medical Institute in Beijing. Except that, she works with energy and teaches others how to reach their inner calmness and stay in harmony. In addition, she has repeatedly organised a three-month assisted pranic transition in the Czech Republic. As for her hobbies, she likes running, skiing, swimming and other sports, but also meditation, qigong and spending time in nature. All of it helps her to stay in present without any effort.

Breatharian level:

Place of residence: Czech Republic

Spoken languages: Czech, English, Russian

Sofia Waapiti Ra

She has been in service for over 20 earth years. she has spent much time in the himalayas, practicing qigong & other sacred arts, whilst remaining in silence for long periods. here she met a collective of celestial beings who invited her to join a mystery school in order to raise her frequency, so she could be of service to all who wish to enter their light bodies. she travels to sacred sites throughout the world working with different groups of off planet beings. through her own expansion of consciousness she holds the vibrational frequencies necessary for new earth humans to expand into their lightness of being. she was informed in 2015 by her celestial team, that her light quotient was such, that she no longer needed to partake of foods & waters. she agreed to this expression of living and began a lifestyle without these substances. she offers private sessions, group work & seminars in expansion of consciousness.
expresses as a collective; i we are caretakers of human consciousness. i we come to share new possibilities & weave them into your tapestry of lights. We are hybrid star seeds who come from the milky way, forever in service to you & the grand design.

Breatharian level:

Place of residence: Ireland

Spoken languages: English

Victor Truviano

Victor Truviano was born in Argentina. He lived for many years near Buenos Aires. He feeds on Prana since 2007 and is s strong, active, intense and flexible personality. He lives in a state of permanent happiness. He sleeps two to four hours a day and sometimes does not sleep for days. This is due to its ability to maintain a very high level of energy thanks to this infinite source of nutrition that allows him to regenerate the body, teeth, hair, healing of myopia and other diseases. Today he is traveling to different countries all over the world teaching a deep inner process.

Breatharian level:

Place of residence: Indonesia, Bali
Spoken languages: Spanish, English