Dmitry Lapshinov (Dima)
Video – PWF 2018 – Dmitry Lapshinov – Dima (All Languages Subtitles)
Video – PWF 2019 – Breath of the Soul (All Languages Subtitles)

Video – Breatharians – Pranic World Festival (All Languages Subtitles)

Ginette Saint-Pierre

Newsletter | May 2022

Fratelli e sorelle, rallegriamoci, poichè il Pranic World Festival (PWF) 2021 avrà luogo in presenza dal 10 al 21 di luglio,

Svetlana Lavovra

Martha Nash

Marzia Mascolino

Newsletter | March 2022

Dear Being of Light, This year, 2022, the Pranic World Festival will take place in the Garden of Eden Pranic Center in Italy from August 1-12! […]

Brahman Menor

Newsletter | December 2021

Dear friends of the light, We would like to remind you that wherever you are and whatever you are doing, you are not alone – even […]

Adrienn Light