Dmitry Lapshinov (Dima)
Video – PWF 2018 – Dmitry Lapshinov – Dima (All Languages Subtitles)
Video – PWF 2019 – Breath of the Soul (All Languages Subtitles)

Video – Breatharians – Pranic World Festival (All Languages Subtitles)

Newsletter | March 2023

Hello Breatharian Sisters and Brothers, Here we are once again to remind you how beautiful it is to have you as part of our community. The […]

Video – Maria Sonia Baldoni | Pranic World Festival 2022

Video – PWF 2021 – Maria Sonia Baldoni. Read moreVideo – PWF 2018 – Maria Sonia Baldoni (All Languages Subtitles). Read more

Gaston Bacchiani

Raffaella Galoppi

Nicolas Pilartz

Nelly Quil


Pascal Martelli

Jacob Augenstein

Jerome Shaw